Monday, September 26, 2011

Story, Waffles, Crawling, & Razorbacks

Last Thursday, Cousin Rachel came over for a bit so she didn't have to go all the way home to Benton before she had to go to work. Also, she wanted to watch some dancing show...
 Little did she know she would have to read a bedtime story.
 It's a really funny book.
 Saturday morning, Dillon helped Daddy make waffles for breakfast.
 Michael helped keep Mama entertained by crawling everywhere.
That afternoon, we went to Mama's friend Ashley's house to watch the Razorbacks play. Between she and her sister, there were 4 dogs there, who mostly stayed outside. Here Dillon is sitting with Juno. Michael did not like the dogs. He cried every time one got near, or even when he crawled too close to the back door. We all had a great time, despite the Hogs losing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Smiling, Alphabet, and Birthday Party

 Michael has started smiling for the camera. All it takes is one flash, and he makes this face.
Here is the "evolution" of Michael's smile.
 Last night, Dillon started playing with his bath tub letters, sticking them on the side of the tub. He would start to sing the alphabet song, and when he got to a letter he didn't have up yet, he'd repeat that letter a few times, then look around and say, "where is the __?" I guess Pre-K is actually sticking with him.
Then, he decided to make a "big 'samwinch'" with his letters.
Michael really likes splashing.

This morning, we went to cousin Spencer's birthday party at Funland in North Little Rock. He had a cupcake cake, and lots of Thomas decorations.
Michael wasn't too interested in presents. He did seem to wonder why he didn't get a cupcake.
There was a train that went around the area. We had to wait for it a few times going to and from cars.
Dillon picked out a "Cars 2" character car for Spencer. He seemed to like it.
Spencer's granddad put him in one of the big bags. He didn't seem to want to get out once he was in.

Both boys had a great time with family we see far too seldom.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Little Eyes Watching

Dillon looking back at Chris and myself during the program.  He was skiddish at first to go sit, but he loved sitting with his friend, Anna Grace.

This past Sunday was Promotion Sunday at church.  Since it was 9/11, Miz Liz had a special speaker come in and talk to the children and youth (and some adults, too!).  Elizabeth spoke about how she flew C130s for the Air Force.  Before 9/11, Elizabeth had been a news reporter, however, afterwards she decided she wanted to help.  Her grandfather had been in the Air Force, but neither of her parents were in the military.  She didn't know her grandfather when she was older, but she has met a church member who flew with him, and so she hears story from him about her grandfather.  They looked at a globe that was laid on the gyn floor and "flew" all around the world.  In all honesty, it probably went over Dillon's head a little bit, but he seemed to enjoy it.  After the talk, Miz Liz gave each child an airplane with two Bible verses.  Dillon loved flying the airplanes - especially during church!

(Michael stayed in the nursery.  I knew if we brought him into the gym, the speaker would have help that she didn't need!)

This week at Pre-K has been a little harder than others, however, we're working with Dillon on listening and focusing.  I am sure it will get better soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day Weekend a Week Late

Michael has started to do the "Army crawl" that Dillon did right before he started to fully crawl. He has also figured out how to sit up on his own. We really have to keep an eye on this little guy, or he gets into all kinds of trouble.
 For the first Hogs game, the boys wore Razorback™shirts.
 Dillon likes giving his little brother kisses.
 Little Brother doesn't always like Big Brother′s kisses.
Dillon also got a new booster seat.
 That means that Michael has Dillon′s old one.
For the weekend, we went to Mt. Eagle with Mama′s best-friend-since-diapers Rachel for her family reunion. This picture is what you see out the back window of the lodge we stayed in. It was a bit hazy Saturday & Sunday, but Monday it cleared up beautifully.
There wasn′t a tub there, so Michael got to have a sink bath. Dillon took a shower, but didn′t like it.
The next morning, Michael woke up a bit sooner than Mama did.
After breakfast, we went to the outdoor chapel for some singing and Grandmommy Cruce′s devotional.
After lunch, Nana and Babba came out. Babba had to get some pictures with his new camera, of course.
We all had a wonderful time, and are already planning on going back next year.