Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eating cereal

Michael loves his cereal.
now... which one's Michael? and which one's a 4-month-old Dillon?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Palm Sunday through Easter

It's been a very long week.
For Palm Sunday, we went to Little Rock church. Dillon got to wave a palm branch, but that got boring, so he gave it to Mama. We all started outside, then processed inside.
We finally got to see our bricks in the Centennial memorial walk.
Michael couldn't quite figure out how to wave the palm branch.
Reverend Blake started us off. Hosanna!
After church, we went to the park for a picnic and egg hunt. Neither boy had a problem sitting in the Easter Bunny's lap so Babba could take a picture.
Michael got to play with Ronni and Rachel. He smiled, talked and laughed for them.
Dillon did a good job hunting eggs, until he declared that he was done.
After hunting eggs, it was time to play with his friends. There was some small discussion about who the "real" "Buzz Lightyear" was, but it must have not been too serious, as no fighting was heard.
Mr. Gary thought it would be funny to put his hat on Michael.
Peek-a-boo over Babba's shoulder.
Dillon played a lot.
This week, we had lots of bad storms. Tuesday night, we had barely made it home from grocery shopping when the storms hit, and knocked out our power. It took until Thursday afternoon to come back on, but went out again Friday afternoon when a tree fell on some power lines. Saturday morning Daddy had to tell the power company that it was still out, because they thought they had fixed everything. By that afternoon, everything was back on.

Easter Sunday morning, Dillon got to see what the Easter Bunny had brought him. Both he and Michael got new books, and the bunny hid eggs all over the living room.
Dillon loves looking for eggs.
Then, Daddy read Dillon's new book, "Corduroy" - one of Mama's favorites.

Dillon had to change clothes early at church because of an accident, but he wanted to keep his tie on.
He got to find more eggs at Nana and Babba's house, and both boys got new books there, too!
Later, Daddy gave Michael his first rice cereal. He gobbled it down, and it stayed down.
Dillon thought it would be fun to take off Michael's socks, then tried to put them back on.

When we got home, since none of us had on our church clothes, we decided to take an Easter pajama picture:
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They're on the Move

Our little boys are growing up so fast! Dillon has stayed dry during the day for a whole week now!
Michael has started rolling over on his own! He did it first at Mimi's house last Saturday, and now is rolling over every time we lay him down.

He still has no idea what to do once he gets there, though.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Busy Times

It's been busy here at the Wright house. Last weekend, we had Family Camp at Tanako.
At supper Friday, Dillon helped color a letter. Once all the letters were done, it said "Welcome, God loves you."

Since there was a burn ban, we had to get creative with our campfire. We used construction paper, flashlights, and our imagination to make a big fire.
Daddy had to work Saturday, but Dillon still got to play with the campers. That afternoon, he took a quick nap in Mama's office.

Sunday, we all decided that Dillon was ready to be a big boy and start using the potty. So, that meant no more Pull-Ups except at nap and bedtime. Unfortunately, that did not go so well Sunday morning.  Daddy forgetting some of Dillon's extra clothes didn't help matters, so we all went home early so Dillon could have some clean clothes.
That afternoon, we made some oatmeal raisin cookies to take to see some of Daddy's friends at their church. Dillon wanted to help mix them until he decided the mixer was too loud.
We all had lots of fun, and stayed way too late.

The rest of the week proved much better for Dillon. He stayed dry and had no accidents Wednesday and Thursday!
Michael is getting bigger, too. He's holding his head up and almost rolled over tonight!
The boys get to spend all day Friday and most of Saturday at Mimi & Papa's house, which is certain to be way too much fun.