Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Month, One Post.

What a long month! We've done all kinds of fun stuff.

We had a potluck dinner at church. There was lots of good food.

Santa Claus even came!

I got to help Mrs. Nancy in the kitchen. I'm a big help.

The next Sunday, we lit the Advent candle.

That Thursday, Miss Ronni gave me her Christmas present. I got a book! Mama and Daddy got some pictures of me that Miss Ronni had made of me when I went to her house.

The next day, we went to dinner with Daddy's friends Adam and Bonnie, their son Nick, and Bonnie's parents.

Babba wanted some pictures of me with the poinsettias, so we posed for a bit. I wouldn't pose for Daddy, though.

Uncle Ben, Aunt Cheryl, and Elijah came to church to hear Mama and Daddy sing in the choir.

Christmas Eve night, we went to church, then to Uncle John & Nan's house for dinner & presents. I wasn't too sure what to think of all these people at first.

I started to warm up, though.

I really liked all the presents they gave me!

I played with my new football with Zach. We had lots of fun!

Christmas morning, we opened more presents! I got a new tricycle from Santa, some new boots...

and some new books, too! Mama and Daddy got some presents for each other, too.

Then, we went to Mimi and Papa's for brunch.

I had fun helping Elijah.

After that, we went to Nana and Babba's house for lunch and presents. I got a lot of good stuff!

It's kinda hard to drink from two cups at once.

Sunday, we went back to Mimi and Papa's for dinner and presents. I got messy at dinner, so Elijah and I took a bath before presents. Elijah didn't like it too much.

I got more cool stuff.

I had fun opening all my presents.

Elijah had fun with the wrapping paper.

Sweet hugs for Mimi!

Thank you everybody for the great presents! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fun with Leaves

Last Saturday, Daddy finally got the rest of the leaves in the front yard.

I helped.

Then Mommy and I played in them.


We had lots of fun - the whole family.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

After Daddy got off work, we headed over to Nana and Babba's house for Thanksgiving lunch. I didn't eat much. After lunch, I played with some of Nana and Babba's cups. It was fun!

After cups, I ate orange cookies that Nana made. I tried to lick the icing, but it didn't come off!

A little while later, we left for Benton. I fell fast asleep!

In Benton, I ate fruit salad and lots of candy!

This morning, after breakfast, Mama and daddy got the Christmas tree and ornaments out. I helped put up lots of ornaments. At one point, Mama cried because she thought it was so sweet. Silly, Mama!

I have my own section of the Christmas tree. Daddy threatened to change it, but Mama wouldn't let him.

Mama changed my shirt so that we could take the Christmas card picture. At first, I didn't like looking at the camera.

I am not very happy about this! However, we did get a picture... but Mama and Daddy aren't sharing it with everyone just yet!

Our Christmas tree, minus presents. They'll come soon enough!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lots o' Halloween

This week has been all about Halloween, beginning with last Sunday. We went to a Halloween carnival at church. I didn't much care for the games - I just played my own game - "vaccuming." Mama said several people said I could come to their house and help!

My friends, Ryah and TJ, from daycare were there, too!

I thought Babba might need some help eating dinner - i.e. M&M's.

The church had a bouncy house for the little kids, like me, that were a little too small for the BIG bouncy house. Mama and Daddy decided I needed to be in it - I screamed at them. Maybe next year...

Mrs. Jennifer tried to help me play the duck game. I didn't really get it.

Daddy dressed up as The Man in the Yellow Hat. I was Curious George.

Friday night, Mama, Daddy and I went to Boo at the Zoo. They had different booths that I trick-or-treated from.

They also had BIG pumpkins!

Trick or treat! I got the hang of it fairly quickly.

When we left, we spotted Elmo! I liked Elmo from a distance, but he scared me a little bit up close and personal.

After Boo at the Zoo, we practiced trick-or-treating at Nana and Babba's house. They went to the Razorback game in Fayetteville on Saturday, and so we just pretended it was Halloween.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Benton for Saline-O-Ween, a carnival that benefited a teenage homeless shelter. We were a little late for the games, but there was a band that I got to dance to.

Babba met us down there. We enjoyed our time together.

Mema and Aunt Cara dressed up as silly people for a "nut" beauty contest. I didn't understand what was going on and mostly ran around drinking Mimi's water.

Mimi and Mama talked a lot...

Mimi's water is always the best. I threw a fit about leaving it in Benton, and so Mimi let me take it home. Thanks, Mimi!

I liked playing with Aunt Cara's hoola-hoop.

Mema and Cara sang silly songs and danced during their "beauty" contest.

Saturday night, we came home, changed and started trick-or-treating!

After visiting our neighbor's house, we went to Rev. Roy and Mrs. Sandy's house. They were happy to see me and gave me lots of candy!

After that, we went to Mr. Martin and Mrs. Nancy's house. They introduced me to their dog, Rocky, but he was too excited for me. I enjoyed seeing everyone else, though.

After we left, we went to Mr. Mike and Mrs. Nancy's house. Mike and I played LOTS!

Mr. Mike even let me sit on the kitchen table! Mrs. Nancy made lots of food - chili, cornbread, crackers... Mama and Daddy ate that. I ate candy! She also made a birthday cake because it was our friend, Mr. Ben's birthday. I sang Happy Birthday and ate birthday cake and ice cream!

Rev. Blake, Mrs. Kerri and my friends, Micah and Gabi came over. Micah was the Green Lantern and had fun zapping Mrs. Nancy! I would help her up and protect her!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope everyone else had a good holiday - I know I did!