Friday, July 25, 2008

dinner pics.

Daddy gave me Spaghetti-Ohs and mashed potatoes for dinner. I liked them a lot. They're good and messy.

I helped Daddy.

Milk's good stuff!

I'm trying to figure out this whole "spoon" thing.

Ah, there we go! (closeup to see the mashed potatoes on his eyelash)

I scraped the plate clean!

Tanako visit

Wednesday night, we all went down to see our friends at Camp Tanako.

I wasn't sure at first what to make of all these strange people.

I eventually warmed up to them. Miss Lynette's nice.

I really liked Miss Becky.

I still wasn't sure about Miss Caitlin.

It was pretty hot, and my hair got all sweaty, so Miss Becky played with it. :-/

We all had lots of fun, though.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dillon's Busy Weekend

This weekend, Chris and I volunteered at Camp Tanako as counselors. Camp Tanako is a United Methodist church camp in Hot Springs on Lake Catherine. It holds VERY special memories for me, because I grew up going there. Chris and I also met there and we have a lot of friends out there. :)

While we were gone, my parents kept Dillon at their house. It looks like he had a busy weekend!

Friday night, Grandpa got pictures of him taking a bath...

I love this shot! If you look closely, you can see the water on his face!

Saturday morning, Grandma filled his kiddie pool with water so Saturday night he went swimming!

Sunday, before we got home, he went to church with my dad (at the Catholic church) and he also went to our church, St. Paul. Afterwards, he came home and decided that he needed to help in the dishwasher...

After we got home and played with Dillon for a little while, Chris went to work and Mommy and Dillon took a nap! Then we went to my church's Bingo & Ice Cream Social. It is always so much fun! Grandpa got a picture of Dillon while we were playing...

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for watching Dillon this weekend! Chris and I don't have many pictures of us at camp, mainly because we were busy taking pictures of the kids. But, we all had a fun weekend! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night, I went to Bible study with Mommy and Daddy.

It's a good thing I had some munchies to keep me entertained, all everyone did was talk, talk, talk.

By the end, i was pretty tired, and fell asleep in Mommy's arms.

They even put me in the carseat without waking me up.

Monday, July 7, 2008

More Birthday Pics

After church, we went to Grandma's for lunch and presents.

I had lots of fun helping Mamma read her birthday cards...

I got a few cards, myself. Mamma had to help me read them.

I had lots of fun playing with the tissue paper. it was fun grabbing it and ripping it into tiny pieces.

After presents, Great Grandma made that red stick glow, and everyone sang to me!

Then it was time for cake. I'm getting the hang of this thing pretty well, I think.

or at least I think I am....

Maybe if I...


Good Stuff!


Great Grandma's got a really big sippy cup!

Birthday Pictures

Here are some pictures from Dillon's birthday. My dad & mom took these. Chris has some yet to be downloaded pictures I'll share when we get the chance.

This is actually the 4th of July. This is one of his 4th outfits. Uncle Tom gave him his other one.

We're opening Dillon's final present for the day. It's from Grandma & Grandpa Drilling.

It's a Little People Farm!

Later, Dillon decided he wanted some of my pizza. I let him have a bite, and he was hooked! My parents' couch has a fold out in the middle to put plates, etc., but instead we put Dillon there so he could sit down and eat the pizza without making a mess ON the couch.


This is good stuff!

I got a kiss afterwards... I guess sharing pizza has its benefits! :)