Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Time

But first, a picture of two loving brothers.

On Monday, Dillon started his first day of Pre-Kindergarten.
He was very excited, and a little confused why we couldn't leave for school at 6:30 am.
While we were waiting for time to go, we took some pictures outside and watched some of the sunrise.
He carried his backpack like a big boy. Shortly after this picture, Daddy ran into and knocked over a (unattached) gate that was across the sidewalk.
Dillon's new room.
He went right to work play.

He said he had a great day, and was so excited today, he woke up at 5am.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

River Market and Baths

Last Saturday, we went downtown and spent the afternoon at the Little Rock River Market.
After lunch, we toured through the farmers' market.  Dillon helped pick out what we wanted.
After that, we went for a walk to the nearby playground.
Dillon thought this was pretty neat.
They had a really long slide.
Dillon sat at the top for a while, then decided he didn't want to go down.
Meanwhile, Michael tried to play with whatever he could get his hands on. This was mostly things his Mama didn't want him to have, though.

Sunday night, we decided that Michael was getting big enough and could sit up well enough to join Dillon for a bath.
They both had a blast. Michael found out that he can make pretty big splashes, and thinks it's hilarious.