Friday, December 19, 2008

A visit with Santa

Last Sunday Santa visited St. Paul during our annual Christmas dinner. We weren't exactly sure what Dillon would think about Santa, but I think he handled it fairly well. :) It probably helps that Grandpa Drilling is the unofficial photographer for the church and took the picture. ;)

Afterwards, Dillon and Santa and Daddy had several conversations...

He looks like he was telling him what he wanted in this one. :)

Dillon was looking at one of Santa's toys in this one...

It was a great night for everyone. We all had lots and lots of fun! :)

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Katie said...

These pics are precious! Dillon is getting so big, Diane!

Z's breathing treatments help clear up his lungs. When he gets a cold it can lead to wheezing, and this is where the treatments help him.

A treatment works like an inhaler, but he has to where a mask and breaths in the steriod steam. It takes about ten minutes. He used to hate them but has gotten used to them now.

See you soon!