Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

After Daddy got off work, we headed over to Nana and Babba's house for Thanksgiving lunch. I didn't eat much. After lunch, I played with some of Nana and Babba's cups. It was fun!

After cups, I ate orange cookies that Nana made. I tried to lick the icing, but it didn't come off!

A little while later, we left for Benton. I fell fast asleep!

In Benton, I ate fruit salad and lots of candy!

This morning, after breakfast, Mama and daddy got the Christmas tree and ornaments out. I helped put up lots of ornaments. At one point, Mama cried because she thought it was so sweet. Silly, Mama!

I have my own section of the Christmas tree. Daddy threatened to change it, but Mama wouldn't let him.

Mama changed my shirt so that we could take the Christmas card picture. At first, I didn't like looking at the camera.

I am not very happy about this! However, we did get a picture... but Mama and Daddy aren't sharing it with everyone just yet!

Our Christmas tree, minus presents. They'll come soon enough!

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