Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meeting Elijah

Last Saturday we got to meet my baby cousin Elijah, who's down for a week vacation.

Mama was holding Elijah, and I thought he needed something to play with.

So I gave him some toys.

Then, I wanted Mama to hold both of us at the same time.

Elijah was sitting in the bouncy seat. I thought he needed something to play with again.
Everyone kept saying something about him sleeping. It wasn't naptime!

While Aunt Cara was keeping Elijah busy,

I helped Mimi make the mashed potatoes.

I like helping Mimi.

Elijah was eating his lunch,

And so was I.

I kept trying to figure out why Elijah kept sucking on this thing. It's just no fun....

Ice water is much better.

Elijah liked my sweet kisses.

A little while later, he was asleep, so I rubbed his head.

For dinner, I had lasagna, carrots and pineapple

While I was waiting for Mama and Dada to get back, I wrestled with Grandma. We had lots of fun.

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