Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two and a half years?!

Dear Dillon,

Happy two and a half year old birthday! No, you didn't get any more presents today. Christmas was just a few weeks ago, and we're still playing with lots of new toys and reading lots of new books. I'm not even sure I told you it was your half birthday. After all, we had a busy day - going to daycare, picking you up and taking you to see your new daycare, and then you went and hung out with Nana and Babba and Michelle while Mama and Daddy went to a new Bible study before choir. Busy day!

It is truly hard for me to believe two and a half years has gone by, but I suppose it has. We have gone from you as a 10 pound infant, whom I instantly fell in love with and figured out what "love at first sight" meant, to a 30ish mess of a two year old. You love reading, coloring, playing with Nana and Babba's Swiffer, your new tricycle that Santa brought you, cars, etc. You eat so many chicken nuggets I am probably lucky you haven't become a chicken! This year, you "got" the Christmas story for the first time, and we have been having lots of discussions about Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. Some of them are funny, and some of them are so cute, they make me laugh.

Thank you for providing your daddy and me with more love and joy then we thought we could ever hold. We love you, and we look forward to more laughs, hugs, kisses and "I love you" smiles.

Mama and Daddy

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