Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week In Review (a post from March that got lost.)

This week has been a busy week! It was Spring Break Week! While Mama and Daddy were at work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Tapa came and kept me. When Daddy got home from Starbucks, we played outside, played basketball, and on Friday Daddy took me to get a haircut. On Tuesday, Daddy mowed the grass and I "helped" by being a good boy and watching. On Thursday, Daddy had to go to Camp Tanako (more about that later) and so Daddy took me to Mimi and Papa's house to play and take a nap and play some more! On Saturday, I went back to Tanako to play with Ms. Becky and her mama while Mama and Daddy went to visit some people at the hospital. Then, we went to CiCi's for a yummy pizza dinner. (At one point during dinner, I said, "Yum, I love CiCi's!" Mama told me she likes Larry's better, but it was okay pizza.)

Speaking of Tanako...

MAMA GOT A NEW JOB AT TANAKO! Starting on April 5, she is going to be the Program Director. The current Program Director, Ms. Becky, is going to be Director. Mama says it's a dream come true, and she is very excited. Daddy is going to work at Tanako some, too, taking pictures and making videos to show to churches about why they should send their children to Tanako for summer camp. We're going to move to camp in May. I really liked playing there yesterday. When Mama told me we were moving, I told her, "Sure, but I am watching TV right now." Yesterday, I picked out my room, but Mama told me it was called the Master Bedroom, and I couldn't have it...

Today was a fun church day. After Sunday school, we started church outside waving palm branches. Then, we waved palm branches in church. After church, Mama, Daddy, Ms. Ronni and I went home, changed into warmer clothes, and we went to a picnic! At the picnic, I picked up lots of eggs, sat with the Easter Bunny, and played on the playground. I was so tired afterwards, I fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up for 2 1/2 hours! Mama and Daddy were thrilled - they also got a nap!

Even though it was a busy week, I had a fun week! I hope this week is fun, too!

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