Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday at Mimi's

Saturday, we went to Mimi's house to say "Happy Birthday" and open presents and eat cake.

I got some cards. I wasn't that interested in those.

I was much more interested in presents. I got a shovel, rake, and hoe from Mema.

Aunt Cara gave me a neat remote-controlled car.

I had a lot of fun with it.

After we left Mimi's house, we went to somewhere new. I got to decorate a "Dream Box." Mama asked what my dream was, and I told her I wanted to be a big cow.

Outside, I got to pet a goat!

I also got to milk a pretend cow.

Then I got to hold the goat's leash.

Then a lamb's leash.

Then the other goat's leash. It was a lot of fun!

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