Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day 2011 Day Two

Last Night, Mama noticed the icicles hanging from our roof were pretty, so Daddy took a picture of them.

This morning, we went out for a bit, and thought we might try to get a good picture of Michael with his first snow.

Of course, we had to get one with Big Brother, too.

It was really windy, so Michael went inside with Mama. Daddy and Dillon walked out to the Big Field, and made a snowman. He was a little snowman, so maybe he's a snowcamper? Dillon pointed out that we didn't have a carrot for a nose, so we improvised.

After snowcamper building, we walked around some more.

We went up to the chapel, where Dillon's yardstick/walking stick became a microphone.

After that, we tried to throw snowballs into the lake from the chapel. Daddy made one, and it was time for lunch.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day 2011 Part Two

This afternoon, we took a wagon/sled ride around camp. I think Dillon had more fun than Daddy did.

We saw lots of little tracks here and there.

Maybe a rabbit?

The camp chapel was really pretty.

Snow Day 2011

We weren't too sure about all this snow.

We didn't get very far into the yard, because Baby Michael woke up, and Daddy had to help Mama with him.

Snowy days are great for laying on the couch and watching movies.

Then, somebody noticed Daddy was taking pictures, and had to pose.

It was snowing so hard at one point, Dillon asked if it was raining.

Next morning, after breakfast, we all got ready and went outside to play.
Miss Becky and Miss Jessica were already outside, walking around and taking pictures.

Daddy brought a yardstick to see how much snow there was.

Mama and Daddy's cars are both completely covered in snow!

Our snowy house.

Daddy threw some snowballs at Mama, but Dillon didn't like that. Dillon had no problem with Daddy throwing them at Miss Becky, though.

Dillon cheered Daddy on and counted for him to throw. After that, we walked down to the TLC, then back up to the house for lunch and a nap.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Last Few Weeks

 Michael likes playing on the mat Greg and Brandie gave him at the hospital.  We try to use it to practice tummy time, but most of the time he ends up on his side before it's over.

 Big Brother L-O-V-E-S his playing with his tool set that Nana and Babba gave him for Christmas.  Daddy has showed him his tools, too.  According to Dillon, Daddy can't play with Dillon's tools since Daddy has his own.

 Nana and Babba recently purchased a new flat screened TV, and so we headed to Little Rock to watch the Sugar Bowl/spend the night at their house.  Dillon enjoyed Babba playing horsey.

 Even Michael was in the Razorback spirit!  He wore his sleeper most of the day and stayed awake the ENTIRE Razorback game.  He didn't get to bed until around 11:30 that night!  (Of course, neither did Mom, Dad, Nana or Babba.  It was a late game!)

 Dillon watched some of the game with Daddy...

 ...and was also a big fan of lying down with Nana to watch the game, too.  He would ask questions and Nana would explain what happened and why (and why Mama sometimes got a little loud at the TV).

 The next day, we all went to Babba's office so his co-workers could meet Michael.  Michael wore his Little Brother onesie (until the diaper leaked and he had to change) and Dillon wore his Big Brother shirt.

While visiting, Dillon got a sucker and played with a toy in Babba's office that his Mama and Aunt Michelle used to play with when they would visit the office as little girls.  After visiting, we went to lunch before heading back home.

Today, after church, it started snowing!  We'll have pictures of playing in the snow tomorrow!