Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day 2011 Day Two

Last Night, Mama noticed the icicles hanging from our roof were pretty, so Daddy took a picture of them.

This morning, we went out for a bit, and thought we might try to get a good picture of Michael with his first snow.

Of course, we had to get one with Big Brother, too.

It was really windy, so Michael went inside with Mama. Daddy and Dillon walked out to the Big Field, and made a snowman. He was a little snowman, so maybe he's a snowcamper? Dillon pointed out that we didn't have a carrot for a nose, so we improvised.

After snowcamper building, we walked around some more.

We went up to the chapel, where Dillon's yardstick/walking stick became a microphone.

After that, we tried to throw snowballs into the lake from the chapel. Daddy made one, and it was time for lunch.

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