Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break week

Dillon started out the week with a quick solo after church with Mr. Bob.
It rained a bit Tuesday and Wednesday. So, Wednesday, we braved the rain and went to the Museum of Discovery.
Dillon played with dinosaurs a bit.
Then, he was Captain Dillon the pirate.
Michael joined him on the ship for a bit.
Dillon was also a knight for a bit.
Michael found a toy vacuum cleaner, and cleaned the floor a while. He even cleaned the pit where the dinosaurs were.
Hi, Mama!
Dillon the shopkeeper.
Dillon made some electricity, too.
Thursday, we went to Blanchard Springs Caverns.
It's better in person.
It's also hard to take pictures in near pitch-black

Yay, springtime!
Happy boys.

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