Monday, August 6, 2007

1 month down, the rest of his life to go....

Dillon is officially one month old today.

Wednesday, we all took a trip to Tanako, to see all our friends there, and that went well.

Thursday, Dillon got to go to his first Journey worship service, then that night woke up every hour, on the hour, till about 5.

Saturday, he got to spend most of the day at Grandma Drilling's, while Mommy and Daddy and Grandma Wright went to the movies, then Mr. Pastor came over for dinner.

Sunday, we all went to church, then after lunch, we all took a nap, till Daddy had to go to work. when Daddy got home, Dillon decided he would be fussy and wake up whenever he wasn't being held, until about 2am. after that, he slept till almost 6:30, then woke up again at about 10.

after eating, it was time for another nap.


Anonymous said...

Now it is time for a trip to Benton. Lots of folks here want to see the young great grandson, cousin, nephew, etc. You'll come!!!
Birthday Party for Alex on Sunday at noon. Hope you can come. The collage kids go to school the next week. Rachel should be home. Let us know.

Aunt Cara Jo said...

It sure was good to see all of you (yes even the parents) on Sunday. Thanks for coming down to see us Benton folk.

- Aunt Cara Jo

Rachel said...

Hey! You need to update this more. In the wee hours of the night post some pics in info!! We want to hear more!

Lots of hugs and love