Monday, August 20, 2007


sorry for the lack of updates... life's been busy, and we just keep forgetting, except when we're somewhere where we can't post.

we've also had some mechanical issues: my camera's memory card has died, so we put Diane's in my camera, and now we can't find my camera. there are pictures on Diane's camera, but we couldn't find a cord to connect it to the computer until tonight. Most of the pictures we do have are from grandparents. so... thank you.

a lot has happened in the past two+ weeks, I'll try to recap as best I can. ;-)

Friday the 10th, Mommy and Daddy went to "aunt" Ashley's college graduation, so he got to spend the evening with Grandparents Drilling.

the next night, Mommy and Daddy ran away to a Phil Keaggy concert, and Grandparents Wright got to keep him.

The next day, we all went to church, then drove down to Benton to see all the family there. (there was something about a birthday, too....)

(since it's getting late, and Daddy's got to work early tomorrow, I'll post more hopefully tomorrow, and catch up a little more)

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