Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday Party!

Last Sunday, Nana (my mom... but Dillon has made a name for her!), Grandpa, Chris, Dillon and myself headed to Bryant for a birthday party for Dad's cousin, Linda, who turned 60 this past week. Here are some pictures Dad caught of Dillon...

Here he is with a knife... He was brushing his hair with it. I did watch him carefully with it, and he didn't hurt himself or anyone else. :)

Trisha had some cookies on her plate that Dillon wanted to eat. He also tried some petite fours that were there. He enjoyed everything!

Here we are eating dinner. Dinner was good! Baked beans (Mom fed some of her's to Dillon... and then ran out... so I shared. He LOVED them!), crackers, and rolls was mostly what Dillon ate. But he really liked it.

This is Daddy's uncle John. He is my great-uncle, and so I guess he would be Dillon's great-great uncle... We love our Uncle John, and we were glad he was able to spend more time with Dillon.

Here they are having a "deep" conversation. I wonder what they're talking about....