Friday, May 1, 2009

my how time flies at the end of the semester....

Last Saturday, (yeah, Daddy's a bit late with these) we all went to the park.

I got to play on the swing. I wasn't too sure about it, at first.

I got over that, though.

Mommy even played on the swing!

Then Daddy and I went down the slide.

Hehe, I like making it hard for Mommy and Daddy to get pictures of me.

Daddy and I went for a walk to see the Ba-ball hoop.

Mommy and Daddy said this was a tennis net. What's a tennis? I just know Ba-ball....

(And now for some more recent pictures.)

Last night, I tried to give "Chicken Dance Elmo" some crackers, but he didn't seem to interested.

He didn't chew them or anything!

I saw Daddy was trying to take my picture, so I thought I'd give him a nice close-up.

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