Sunday, August 30, 2009

August Birfdays

We went to Uncle Tom's house to celebrate Nana, Babba, and Milly's birthdays.

After dinner, I helped open Milly's present from Nana and Babba.

I helped open Nana's present. Mama and Daddy got her some pretty clothes.

Milly got some pretty clothes from Mama and Daddy, too.

I had some technical difficulties with the ribbon from one of Milly's presents.

Babba got clothes, too!

He liked the card Milly gave him.

I helped Nana open the present that Mama, Daddy, and Milly gave Nana and Babba. They got a toy boat and a gift card for a cruise!

I got a bottle of water. It was fun to play with until Daddy took it away when I spilled it.

Everybody had lots of fun. Thanks, Uh-uh (Uncle) Tom!

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