Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Last week, Uncle Ben, Aunt Cheryl, and Elijah came to visit.

Monday, I got to play with Elijah at home with Mema and Baba while Mama, Daddy, Uncle Ben & Aunt Cheryl went to a movie.

Mama got to feed Elijah.

He likes the camera, almost as much as I do.

After we all ate dinner, we all played together.

Before they left to spend the night at Mimi and Papa's house, Mama and Elijah took one last picture.

Tuesday, Uncle Ben and Daddy took pictures of each other before we went to Build-A-Bear.

Uncle Ben bought me a monkey. His name is Curious George.

Elijah was a little pouty, but he got over it.

Elijah ate dinner in my highchair. I ate in my big-boy booster seat.

After dinner, we all played together again.

I tried to take Elijah's bottle, but he didn't like that very much.

I gave him a kiss, and he calmed down.

Daddy had fun making him laugh.

He was getting tired, though.

I enjoyed playing with my baby cousin!

I've been asking Mama and Daddy where Uncle Ben is, but they say I won't see them until Christmas. I can't wait!

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