Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Picnic and Mimi's house

Sunday before last, after church, we went to the park to eat and play.

After lunch, Daddy let me go and play.

I got to play ball with Jay Allen.

He gave me a hug, but I wasn't sure what he was doing.

I found a flower to give to Mama.

I played on the swings for a while.

Some other kids joined me.

Then, it was time to play in the sandpit.

Brooklyn joined in. She poured sand down my pants on accident. she needs to be more careful with her shovel.

After that, Daddy played softball, but I was just interested in the balls.
We left Daddy to play, and went home to take a nap.
After naptime, we went to Mimi's house for dinner and to see Uncle Harold, who lives in Canada. Whatever a Canada is.

I played ball with cousin Katie.

And played ball outside with Daddy.

and climbed up and down the stairs with Daddy.

Rachel gave me a bath, since I had been so hot and sweaty and dirty today.
Not long after that, it was time to go home and go to bed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

At church we had our Mother's Day brunch.

I got to talk with Nana, Nancy and Bob.

After church, we went to Olive Garden to eat. Baba was the first to get finished eating after me, so we went for a walk.

We walked until it was time for Nana and Baba to go, so we went to their house.

I played with Nana's shoe. It was a little hard walking around in it.

I helped Nana open her presents.

I helped Baba clean up the mess I made... or at least I helped clean up Baba.

Friday, May 1, 2009

my how time flies at the end of the semester....

Last Saturday, (yeah, Daddy's a bit late with these) we all went to the park.

I got to play on the swing. I wasn't too sure about it, at first.

I got over that, though.

Mommy even played on the swing!

Then Daddy and I went down the slide.

Hehe, I like making it hard for Mommy and Daddy to get pictures of me.

Daddy and I went for a walk to see the Ba-ball hoop.

Mommy and Daddy said this was a tennis net. What's a tennis? I just know Ba-ball....

(And now for some more recent pictures.)

Last night, I tried to give "Chicken Dance Elmo" some crackers, but he didn't seem to interested.

He didn't chew them or anything!

I saw Daddy was trying to take my picture, so I thought I'd give him a nice close-up.