Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation Day 3 & 4

There's not much to say, every day's been about the same.

Wake up, go to the pool, go to lunch, nap time, go to the beach, go to the pool, eat dinner, go to bed.

I hear Mommy and Daddy went to some restaurant Monday night, but they didn't take me. I stayed and played with Mema and Baba.

Baba let me play his guitar, too.

It's lots of fun!

Tonight, we stayed inside because a big rain storm came through.

Aunt Cara read me some stories. She's really good at reading stories.

It's been a fun time, I really like playing in the waves and sand.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 2

Yesterday morning, we saw a bunny!

I had fun watching it.

Baba let me play on the golf cart. He wouldn't let me drive it, though.

Later, after a big lunch and a nap, we went to the beach!

There was a lot of sand. Daddy showed me how to scoop sand into my bucket.

I stayed and played with the sand while Mommy and Daddy went in the water.

Mema played with me.

I wanted to go get Daddy, so Mema took me. They were a long way out.

We played sandcastles for a while, then I wanted to find Mama.

Once we found Mama, we played sandcastles some more.

Everybody was building. We had lots of fun!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vacation '09

We made it to the beach after a long, long ride. Daddy didn't take any pictures, so we can't put any up. He says he'll get some today and the rest of the week.

We left really early. I didn't want to get out of bed until Mommy told me we were going to the beach.

I had fun playing with Daddy's cousin Katie. We read, sang songs, and even took a quick nap. We didn't stop until Mommy and Daddy said something about low fuel, and we stopped for a little bit.

Mommy took over driving, and we didn't stop again until lunch. Daddy tried to get me to play, but I was too hungry. After we ate, I was ready to play, but Mommy said we had to go to get to the beach.

We drove some more, this time there were a lot more cars. It seemed like everybody in the world was trying to get to the beach! Everybody was starting to get tired, but we finally got there! I saw Mimi and Papa, and then we saw Mema and Baba. We played for a bit, then went out to eat.

After that, it was bedtime.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd Birthday Part(y) Three

Saturday, we went to Mimi and Papa's house to celebrate my birthday there.

Baba and I are looking for Papa. We couldn't find him.

We did find Mimi's big fig trees. At least that's what Baba called them.

Here's my cake! Aunt Cara decorated it for me!

I didn't want to wear the birthday hat. I didn't like it at all.

I blew out the candle all by myself.

It was good cake. Thanks, Mimi!

Then, it was time for presents.

Mimi and Papa got me a pail and shovel for the beach!

Everybody got me lots of books.

I let Rachel help me read them.

I like my new pail. Mama says it'll be good for when we go to the beach.

Monday, July 13, 2009

2nd Birthday Part(y) Two

Mama and Nana brought cupcakes to school for my birthday! They were yummy. I ate mine quick.

Some nice people from church (Nana and Babba) put up a sign in our yard that said it was my birthday, so Mama said we had to take a picture in front of it.

Then, we went in the back to play with the slide/sport center Nana and Babba got me. I wanted to use it one way, Mama said to use it another.

Mama's way was more fun.


I had to stop and rest for a minute, it had been a long day.

Then, we went on a walk around the neighborhood in my new wagon. We even walked up to Starbucks to show it to Daddy's friend up there.

Monday, July 6, 2009

2nd Birthday Part(y) One

Saturday night, we had a party for my second birthday at Nana and Babba's house.

I showed Babba how I can ride the horse like a big boy.

Cheese! This thing is really fun!

my tat! (cake)

Grandpa gave me some blueberries.

I got a lot of presents!

I got a dog that blows bubbles...

Some Legostm...

Grandma and Grandpa gave me a drum. They told Daddy it wasn't too loud, but I think they misjudged the strength of a 2-year-old.

Milly got me a space shuttle from Houston...

Ronni got me a Teeball set...

Uncle Tom got me a gift card. It didn't look like much fun, but Mama said it was useful, so I trust her.

Nana and Baba's present was fun to unwrap!

It's a basketball/climbing thing/slide/football/soccer toy!

Mama and Dada had a surprise for me, too! I got a new wagon!

It's got two seats, so my buddy Caleb and I can both sit in it!

After presents, came tat! (cake)

Then, Caleb and I went for a ride around Nana and Babba's neighborhood.

After that, it was time for some teeball.

Caleb and I both took turns for a while.

I kept trying to hit the ball from the top, so Ronni tried to help me.

Caleb's daddy tried to help me, too.

Before Mimi and Papa could leave, I had to get some of Mimi's water. It's the best!

Daddy took some more pictures today, and he'll get those posted as soon as he can.