Friday, February 4, 2011

Branson Vacation

Last weekend, Mama, Daddy, Dillon, and Michael drove up to Branson and met Mema, Tapa, Uncle Ben, Aunt Cheryl, and Elijah at a cabin. When we got there, it was pretty late, so we said "Hi" to everyone and went to bed.
The next morning, Dillon and Elijah wasted no time getting to play.

There was a really big bear in the playroom. Uncle Ben was acting silly with it.

"This little piggy..."

"Elijah, do you want to get Dillon's piggies?

Dillon and Elijah thought it would be fun to play ON Daddy.

Elijah liked the big bear, too.

Dillon likes talking on the phone. There's no telling who he was calling.

Elijah started opening his presents, and he got his own Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. Now the problem was which Buzz to play with: his, or Dillon's.

He got a really cool hat, too.

Dillon gave him some bubbles. He was really proud that he picked out Elijah's present.

At bath time, the big boys had fun pouring water on each other.

We tried to get a picture of all three boys together, but none of them were very cooperative.
After we got home, Michael slept through the night Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights! On Friday, we woke up to white stuff falling, which stuck to the ground and roads. Daddy quickly decided that we weren't going anywhere, so we all got a snow day. Mama went to work for a little bit, and Daddy, Dillon and Michael went to see her. Daddy may try to get some pictures tomorrow, if the snow doesn't all melt by then.

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