Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Weekend

One of Dillon's favorite books at Mimi's house is "Sir Kevin of Devin." He had Mimi read it last Thursday when we went up for supper.

Saturday, we went to Dillon's gymnastics show. He got to bounce on the big trampoline & show us all the tricks he had learned at daycare. Daddy got video of it & will try to put something together later.
 It's hard to get a picture of a three-and-a-half-year-old doing gymnastics.
 He would put his hands and feet on the bar and swing while making monkey sounds.
 He got a medal and the "Hardest Worker" award.

Sunday, after church and nap, we went back to church for a concert.
 Michael played by himself and sang along some.
 (Aunt) Michelle played the flute. Dillon didn't look away while she was playing.
 Nana and Michelle played handbells. They did a very good job.
 After the concert, we went to see our friends Greg and Brandie and their new baby Ava. About three of her would make up one Michael.
Dillon got to hold her (with help).

When we got home, he said he wanted to go back to Greg and Brandie's house after daycare to see Ava. He said she was beautiful.

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