Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh What a Morning.....

Disclaimer: This post is probably boring for all of you (the 2 or 3 that actually read this! ha!), but I am writing it to serve as a decent memory bank for myself. :-)

As you read in our last post, we are moving.  Chris and I have found a rent house close to UALR, and so it'll be easy for Chris to get to school.  (He'll actually be able to bike in nice weather... and considering gas prices nearly killed us this past year with him going to and from school, it'll be a nice change!)  Things have gone smoothly with the house, for the most part.

Until this morning.

This morning, Nana graciously took some paperwork to the water company so that we could get the water turned on today before the gas company comes on Monday.  As I am trying to find my keys so I can go drop Dillon off at VBS at church, she calls and says we have to prove that my husband, Chris, is not the same Chris that owes them money.  Okay, fine.  So, I find out we have to have a drivers license and a form with his social security number on it (which proved to be his tax return... oh, how glad I was that Nana also has the talent of being our accountant so that step could be made much easier!).

I dropped Dillon off at VBS (late, because for some reason I put my keys on the kitchen counter, not by my bed where I usually do), realized I was supposed to bring snacks for the morning, and then promptly decided they'd have enough snacks without my help.  (And, yes, I checked with the Childrens' Minister later -- there were plenty of snacks, so I didn't have to feel guilt.)  I went to Starbucks to find my handsome barista in the middle of morning rush, doing 3 things at once, and not understanding what I needed.  So I went to sit down and wait for him to settle...

After he had a break, we chatted, and he gave me his DL so I could copy it at Fed-Ex.  Then, we tried to fax it from Starbucks, but it was too dark.  At this point, I have been there an hour and am thinking about all the boxes that need to be packed, how we move a week from tomorrow (A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!), and I don't have time to be sitting at Starbucks.  So, I went back to Fed-Ex, which is (thankfully) in the same shopping center as the Starbucks.  We tried faxing it several times, still pretty dark, but it was at least readable.  Praise the Lord.

I run back to Starbucks, give Chris his ID, and drive to the church so I can watch Dillon's final VBS performance.... ONLY TO WAIT IN THE LEFT LANE TURN SIGNAL FOR TEN MINUTES!!!!  At this point, I was flustered, and I was pretty curious what I'd done to the universe to tick it off.

But, then, I made it into the gym and snagged a seat on the floor to watch my son perform songs and motions he'd learned during the week.  His great big smile when he saw me watching him made everything worth it.  I could literally feel the stress leaving my body.  Mama then sent me a text that the water company accepted our information, making the stress of the morning worth it.

After we left the church, we headed to McDonald's for lunch.  At one point, Dillon said, "Mama, I saw you watching me, and I was happy."

Dillon, I was too.  And I am looking forward to many other moments, just like today's.

Morning, you may not have started off as kind, but you ended just fine.  And, yes, it was worth everything to hear my little boy say, "...and I was happy." :-)

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