Friday, July 8, 2011

New Baby, Moving, and Birthdays!!!

Between packing boxes for the new house and actually moving to the new house, the blog has been a bit neglected... Here's a catch-up post!!!

A few weeks ago, Nana, Michael, Dillon, Daddy and Mama went to see Michael's new friend, Joey.  Joey's Mama, Katie, and Mama have known each other since high school.  Joey was very sweet.  Michael had fun being held by Mrs. Margaret and Ms. Susan.

Dillon was very curious about Joey and loved watching him.  Just like with his brother, he was very gentle and asked lots of questions about Joey.

After visiting Joey, Nana went home, and Mama and Daddy dropped Dillon and Michael off at Mimi and Papa's house for a quick dinner date.  Afterwards, Mama decided to get dessert, and so after the boys were picked up, everyone headed to Sonic for $1.00 ice cream cones.  YUM!!!!

Dillon's daycare in Hot Springs (Little Lambs) had a going away/birthday party for Dillon.  They had cupcakes and gave Dillon balloons and several presents.  Thanks, everyone!!!

Dillon LOVED the cupcakes.

Do you notice the chocolate around his mouth?  We take cupcake eating SERIOUSLY! :-)

This is the house in Hot Springs the morning of the move.  Everything in a box, labeled.  Dillon and Michael spent the night with Mimi and Papa.  Dillon was very excited because Uncle Ben, Aunt Cheryl, and Elijah had come down for 4th of July weekend.  Elijah and Dillon love to play with each other.

The first adventure of moving day (before everyone even got to the house!!) was chasing a lizard out of Mama's car.  Daddy found it, and it took several minutes before it got out.  After it got out, it stayed behind the wheel of the CRV for a LONG time.  Not a very smart lizard.

On July 3, Mimi had a birthday party for Dillon, Tapa, Mama, Mr. Bill, and Aunt Cara.  Dillon got lots of presents!

Uncle Ben got him a Lightning McQueen car.

Elijah liked watching and playing with Dillon's Buzz.

Uncle Ben and Aunt Cheryl got Dillon a Toy Story Buzz in a race car.

Mimi made Dillon a pan of brownies.  He wore the "birthday hat" and everyone sang happy birthday to him.

While Mr. Bill was being sung to, Dillon watched at the other end of the table.

This past Wednesday, Dillon turned FOUR!!!  We had another party for him at his new/old daycare, Faith United Methodist.  (This is the daycare he was in right before we moved to Hot Springs.  This time around, both Dillon and Michael go there, which is a huge relief!)

Nana made chocolate Mater and Lightning McQueen cupcakes.  They were a huge hit!

Dillon liked playing with the cake toppers.

Later that night, Nana and Babba took Daddy, Mama, Dillon and Michael to Purple Cow for Dillon's birthday.  We went back to their house afterwards for a small family party, and they got Dillon a Lightning McQueen lunchbox.  Dillon had proudly taken it to daycare each day since.

Tomorrow is Dillon's birthday party -- I am sure more pictures and another post will be up soon!!!

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miks said...

Hello Diane, Chris, Dillon and Michael! I just spent some time looking at your blog and catching up on your lives and pictures of you all. You are a precious family and one of these days, we must get together! Love you all, Aunt Marilyn