Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Weekend

Last Friday, we went to Mimi's house to see Uncle Ben, Aunt Cheryl, Elijah, and Charlie.
 Michael didn't like Mama or Daddy holding that "other baby." He fussed at Daddy and wouldn't let Daddy hold him after holding Charlie.
 All was forgiven when Daddy wrestled the three mobile boys.
 In other news, Michael has started walking all over.
 It is, however, hard to walk when you're not all the way up the stairs.
 At Nan & Uncle John's house, Dillon and Zach played a lot. At one point, there were sharks loose in the floor.
 Dillon got a little Bible, and said that now he could be in the choir.
 Michael played with the wrapping paper just slightly less than the toys inside.
 Christmas morning, we made sure that Santa had eaten his cookies and milk.
 Dillon got the new "Cars 2" movie. He was pretty excited about it. It did cause some confusion, because he told people Santa brought him "New Cars," which is what he calls it.
Michael got a "Little People" helicopter.
 Michael got a new book to read in the bathtub.
 Dillon got "There's a Monster At The End of this Book" and "Where the Wild Things Are," among other things.
 After presents and breakfast, it was time for church.
After church, we went to Nana and Babba's house for lunch and more presents.
 All the pretty presents.
 Dillon got a pair of new shoes and boots. He likes the shoes, we haven't tried on the boots yet. We're still getting there.
 Nana and Babba, Michelle, and Mimi and Papa got footprint pictures we made of the boy's feet. Michael's feet turned into a Christmas tree, and Dillon's turned into a heart.
 We also made ornaments from the boys' hand prints. Michael's turned into more of a mitten, but it still looked good.
Dillon's turned out much better.
 Michelle got Dillon a floor piano. He liked that a lot.
After Michael's nap, we went to Babba's cousin Joe's house. Michael even played a bit with the smaller of his two dogs, surprising all of us.
 Then, it was back to Nana and Babba's house to open Michael's presents, since he slept through all the present opening.
Michael wasn't too interested in the presents until they were unwrapped. Even then, there were some that became instant favorites.

Merry Christmas!

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