Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting a Tree

Today we went with Nana and Babba to get their Christmas tree.
Before the Great Tree Hunt began, we went to watch the pig races.
 Dillon sat on Jake's shoulders so he could see. Jake's pretty tall, so I don't think he had much problem seeing.
 The red-painted pig named Rudolph won the first two, and the plain pig named Rafael won the third.
 Michael liked the feel of the trees.
 Dillon did a very good job of supervising Babba as he cut the tree.
 We got a tractor ride back to the front.

 Michael watched the tractor pretty intently.
 While we were waiting for the cow train, Dillon found someone to play sticks with.
 Dillon rode with Michelle, while Michael rode with Mama.
After the train ride, Dillon checked out the petting zoo. There were some Guinea hens running around.
 This goat would stick his head through the fence to try to get food, then maneuver his horns back. It was quite impressive.
 Dillon gave the donkey some food.
 Dillon the sheep & Michelle the cow.
 We found our cousins Rachel, Harry & Anne Marie.
After supper, Michelle read Dillon some stories. It's hard to read when the words go all twirly.
Michael kinda-almost took a step all by himself. It'll be no time at all and he'll be off on his own.

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