Sunday, January 8, 2012

Since Christmas

We've been busy since Christmas.
 Since there was no school or daycare the week after Christmas, Nana and Babba got to spend a lot of time with the boys.
That Tuesday, they went to Laman Library in North Little Rock to see the trains.
 Dillon loves him some trains.
 That night, we met Uncle Ben, Aunt Cheryl, Elijah, and Charlie for supper.
After, they came over to play. Dillon was Superman, and Elijah was Captain Marvel.
 Uncle Ben was whatever bad guy Dillon wanted him to be at the moment.
Dillon got to share his bath toys.
 Last Thursday, Dillon got a much-needed hair cut. Daddy's still trying to convince Mama that it's time for Michael to get one.
 Michael and Dillon LOVE playing together.
 Of course, Michael's best friend is still his stuffed Tigger.
 Last Friday, we all went for a walk around the neighborhood.
We ended up finding the neighborhood park.
 Michael had a bit of a hard time walking on the leaf-covered, uneven ground.
 There was a really tall slide that Dillon climbed up on, then climbed right back down.
 Dillon had fun letting Daddy spin him around.
 Michael liked the horse.
 Then, it was Dillon's turn.
 Michael's favorite was walking around the tennis court. No, really.
It's such a shame those two don't get along better....

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