Sunday, January 29, 2012

Busy, busy

It's been busy, busy around here.
 Michael has learned how to climb out of his bath seat. Daddy can't turn away for a second.
 When Dillon & Michael spent the night at Nana & Babba's, they went to visit the re-opened Museum of Discovery.
 They seemed to both have a good time.
 Shampoo is fun to play with.
 Dillon doesn't have quite as much hair to play with.
 Speaking of hair, Michael got his first haircut.
 He seemed to have a good time.

 At Mimi's house, Dillon learned how to play Pokémon with Phillip.
 Michael learned how to eat with a fork.
 He even helped Mema blow out her candle.
And since we forgot his bath seat, Michael had lots of fun with the faucet at bathtime.

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