Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prayer Request

I promise pictures of the boys will be up soon, but I wanted to post a prayer request for my great-aunt, Nan, pictured above.  Nan is one of the sweetest, kindest, most gentle individuals I have ever met.  She has a great deal of patience, and loves her family fiercely.  Her face absolutely lights up whenever I bring the boys over for a visit, and so I know they do that over-time when her grandchildren and great-grandchildren come over. :-)

At the moment, Nan is in the hospital.  She is a fighter, but she would also be the first to tell you prayers help.  I know most of the people who read this are family, but I thought I'd post this as a reminder for us all to continue to pray for her, Uncle John (her husband - don't ask me why she's not Aunt Nan... it's just never been that way, ha!) and the entire family.

Thank you for praying on our family's behalf!

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