Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dillon's Busy Weekend

This weekend, Chris and I volunteered at Camp Tanako as counselors. Camp Tanako is a United Methodist church camp in Hot Springs on Lake Catherine. It holds VERY special memories for me, because I grew up going there. Chris and I also met there and we have a lot of friends out there. :)

While we were gone, my parents kept Dillon at their house. It looks like he had a busy weekend!

Friday night, Grandpa got pictures of him taking a bath...

I love this shot! If you look closely, you can see the water on his face!

Saturday morning, Grandma filled his kiddie pool with water so Saturday night he went swimming!

Sunday, before we got home, he went to church with my dad (at the Catholic church) and he also went to our church, St. Paul. Afterwards, he came home and decided that he needed to help in the dishwasher...

After we got home and played with Dillon for a little while, Chris went to work and Mommy and Dillon took a nap! Then we went to my church's Bingo & Ice Cream Social. It is always so much fun! Grandpa got a picture of Dillon while we were playing...

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for watching Dillon this weekend! Chris and I don't have many pictures of us at camp, mainly because we were busy taking pictures of the kids. But, we all had a fun weekend! :)

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