Monday, October 12, 2009

Ponytails and Pajamas

Before Mama and Daddy went to Handbell Choir tonight, Mama put her hair in a ponytail. So, I asked Daddy to put mine in one, too! (Mama tells me that Daddy used to wear his hair in a ponytail before I was born!)

Rev. Blake and Mrs. Kerri gave me some new pajamas. Mama, Bob (the dog's new name), and I posed for a picture while watching football. Cheese!

Here I am showing off. Two seconds before Daddy told me he was going to take a picture, I was watching football on the couch... Mama says I know what a camera is... wonder why she says that?

Thanks, Rev. Blake and Mrs. Kerri for my new pajamas! I ran all around the living room in them before Mama and Daddy made me go to bed!

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