Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This post brought to you by the number 4.

OK, so "soon" is almost a week later....
The night of Dillon's birthday, we went to Nana & Babba's house for dinner.
After dinner, Dillon got a present from Nana & Babba. He would have gotten one then from Mamma and Daddy, but they forgot to wrap it, so he got it on Saturday. More about that in a minute.
He got a new lunchbox for daycare!
Saturday, we had a big birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese's.
They had a balloon Chuck that was almost as tall as Dillon.
Dillon and his friends Neo and Jude loved watching the "band."
For some reason, after saying "Cheese!" a few times, Dillon has to shake his head. It makes for interesting pictures.
Here's a better picture of the cake, made by Nana & decorated by (aunt) Michelle.
While waiting for the pizza, Dillon played games.
Daddy had to help with some.
Some games, Daddy had to help more than others, like this racing game that Dillon left halfway through.
There were games that Dillon did not let Daddy help with, though.
He kept swatting my hand away on this one.
Pizza time! Yum!
Nana got to hold baby Ava
Chuck even came out and gave Dillon a special birthday crown.
He wore it for about the time it took to take this picture.
He blew the candles out all by himself.
Cake time!
Uncle Tom wants cake!
Dillon had a chance to go in the "Ticket Blaster," but didn't want to. He let Neo go in for him.
He didn't get any tickets, but he had a good time till a ticket hit his eye. Then it was time to get out NOW!
After that, it was present time. He got a couple of books from Mimi and Papa.
Mema and Tapa got him a "big" Buzz Lightyear. He was pretty 'sited about this one.
Greg and Brandie got him a pushing/bubble-blowing Mater. Note that he's pushing on top of the engine block, where smaller versions he has have a button that makes Mater talk.
He was very 'sited about Mama and Daddy's present.
He got the Toy Story characters as cars,
and a Thomas bath toy.
Nana and Babba got him a Cars 2 racetrack.
Yay! Happy Birthday!

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