Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day Weekend a Week Late

Michael has started to do the "Army crawl" that Dillon did right before he started to fully crawl. He has also figured out how to sit up on his own. We really have to keep an eye on this little guy, or he gets into all kinds of trouble.
 For the first Hogs game, the boys wore Razorback™shirts.
 Dillon likes giving his little brother kisses.
 Little Brother doesn't always like Big Brother′s kisses.
Dillon also got a new booster seat.
 That means that Michael has Dillon′s old one.
For the weekend, we went to Mt. Eagle with Mama′s best-friend-since-diapers Rachel for her family reunion. This picture is what you see out the back window of the lodge we stayed in. It was a bit hazy Saturday & Sunday, but Monday it cleared up beautifully.
There wasn′t a tub there, so Michael got to have a sink bath. Dillon took a shower, but didn′t like it.
The next morning, Michael woke up a bit sooner than Mama did.
After breakfast, we went to the outdoor chapel for some singing and Grandmommy Cruce′s devotional.
After lunch, Nana and Babba came out. Babba had to get some pictures with his new camera, of course.
We all had a wonderful time, and are already planning on going back next year.

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