Saturday, September 17, 2011

Smiling, Alphabet, and Birthday Party

 Michael has started smiling for the camera. All it takes is one flash, and he makes this face.
Here is the "evolution" of Michael's smile.
 Last night, Dillon started playing with his bath tub letters, sticking them on the side of the tub. He would start to sing the alphabet song, and when he got to a letter he didn't have up yet, he'd repeat that letter a few times, then look around and say, "where is the __?" I guess Pre-K is actually sticking with him.
Then, he decided to make a "big 'samwinch'" with his letters.
Michael really likes splashing.

This morning, we went to cousin Spencer's birthday party at Funland in North Little Rock. He had a cupcake cake, and lots of Thomas decorations.
Michael wasn't too interested in presents. He did seem to wonder why he didn't get a cupcake.
There was a train that went around the area. We had to wait for it a few times going to and from cars.
Dillon picked out a "Cars 2" character car for Spencer. He seemed to like it.
Spencer's granddad put him in one of the big bags. He didn't seem to want to get out once he was in.

Both boys had a great time with family we see far too seldom.

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