Friday, November 4, 2011

Almost Forgotten October Pictures

Daddy had more pictures on his phone, and just had a chance to get them off.
 Here's Dillon and Michael at Asbury's pumpkin patch. That's where we got our pumpkins this year.
 We walked in this year's Race for the Cure with our friend Ronni's family. Her mom died last year from breast cancer, and Dillon was quite fond of her, so we walked in memory of her.
 Here's the "bubble beard man." Bath time can be silly sometimes.
 Ah, boys being boys. Boys being blurry, too.
 The brave knight rides off to vanquish… something.
 Buzz Lightyear™ the fireman didn't want to look at the camera. This was right before the Halloween Carnival/Fall Festival at Asbury.
Here's Dillon Buzz Lighyear™ in the bounce house. There was a ladder to a slide at on end, and he climbed up and slid down all by himself.
 Here Dillon helps clean out the pumpkin.
 He was a big helper with this.
Dillon said he wanted a sad Jack-o'-Lantern, so there we go. Carved teardrop and all.

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His Doorkeeper said...

Diane, Thanks for the comment on my blog! You look like you have your hands full with two cuties!! Enjoy them while you can.....time gets away faster than you can imagine!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!