Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello ween

We started out Halloween with a trip to the Starbucks where Daddy works. Dillon picked out an apple juice and a pencil, despite the big bowl of candy.
 Michael didn't get anything, though.
 Next stop was Ava's house.
 Their dog Hoss wanted to see what was going on.
 Michael and Hoss said "hi" to each other.
 …more than once.
 After that, we went by Brother Jerry's house. His wife, Shawn, greeted us with candy and rhyme.
 On the way to see Michelle, Woody fell asleep.
 At this house, Buzz didn't stay at the door, he just walked right in. It just happened to be Nana and Babba's house.
 Nana had cupcakes. Buzz had to try one.
 Woody had some small bites of cupcake. He seemed to like it.
Woody and Buzz had a great time, and went to bed very late.

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