Sunday, November 27, 2011


Uncle Ben, Aunt Cheryl, Elijah, & Charlie came down from Kansas City for Thanksgiving. We spent a lot of time at Mimi's house playing with them.
 Baby Charlie didn't play much. He's too little to do much other than lay there and sleep.

 Dillon says "Hi" to Charlie.
 Mama says "Hi" to Charlie.
 Uncle Ben steals Michael from Rachel. Michael's not to sure about that.
 Daddy got to feed Charlie.
 After Elijah woke up from his nap, he and Dillon sat for a second.
 After that, things were back to normal for them.
 After supper, the three took a bath.
 Elijah likes pouring water on Dillon.
 Michael got cozy with Mimi.
 Daddy got to read Dillon and Elijah a nite-nite story.
 Michael said "Hi" to Charlie. Everybody kept saying he was being too rough with the baby.
 Michael had more fun chasing his brother and cousin.

Thanksgiving day started off by everyone waking up just before 8. Mommy and Daddy were very happy.
 Dillon helped Nana stir.
 Michael kept Babba busy.
When he was done stirring, Dillon played "football" – or at least Dillon's version of football, which requires running back and forth to make touchdowns. It really doesn't matter if you have a real ball or not.

After nap time, we went back to Mimi's house for leftover supper.
 Michael thought Papa's cane was a great toy.
 Rachel tried to get Michael to stand on his own, but he wouldn't fall for her tricks.
 The toy box isn't a very comfy seat, but he stayed there long enough to take a few pictures.
 Dillon had Mema read a nite-nite story. Michael wasn't very interested in sitting and listening.
 Michael still likes Papa – and his cane.
 Happy boy.

Friday, we went to Aunt Marylin's house for supper. Dillon didn't feel too well, but still played.
 Elijah liked Dillon's Buzz Lightyear™.
 Aunt Marylin loved the way Michael crawls sometimes.
 Michael had a yummy supper of fruit & chips. Unfortunately, it didn't stay down, as he tried to swallow a piece of chip that was a little too big.
 Dillon loved the cake they had.

On Saturday, we took Dillon to the doctor to find out why he wasn't feeling well. Turns out, he just had a cold. Then, it was back to Mimi's house to eat lunch and take a nap while Mama & Daddy went with Uncle Ben & Aunt Cheryl to a movie.
 Elijah wanted to read a book to Dillon.
Both the babies.
 The Four Cousins.
All the Wright men. It's very hard to get 8 people to look at one camera. Especially when half of them are under 5 years old.

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