Sunday, December 12, 2010

Be Not Afraid

Luke 1:30: "...But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God...."

We're entering the last week as a family of three. Sure, for a little over 8 months, we have "technically" been a family of four. However, unless Michael decides to greet us on his own, we will be induced at Baptist Hospital on Friday, December 17, when we will "officially" become a family of four.

A lot of talk about Michael has been going around the Wright house the last few days. Chris and I have been getting things in order - where Dillon will stay when while we're at the hospital, we have been getting our room ready for a cradle to occupy its space, making sure the Christmas decorations are up and we have Christmas presents bought, etc. We have been talking to Dillon about the baby and trying to explain that a baby can't run, jump, play, etc. I suppose we'll see how much he actually understands when the time comes! ;)

I have been asked A LOT lately if I am ready. I don't mind being asked; it's a normal question. However, I have learned you're never ready to become a mother... and I doubt I'm ready to become a mother the second time around!

In truth, I am scared. Scared that I'm not "prepared" enough. Scared something will go wrong during the delivery. Scared something will happen AFTER the delivery. Scared I won't get to bring home my baby boy when he is "supposed" to come home. I'm a little afraid he'll decide to come early - we have a "plan" set up, but what if the house isn't ready, or we can't get to Little Rock in time? And, that's just the worries over the next few days. I'm a little worried about how Dillon will actually react when Michael's here. I could worry about SIDS, about this and that.

However, I am reminded what God told Mary. "Be not afraid..." I know these next few weeks will have their challenges. I know there will be adjustments to be made as we grow as a family. However, I also know Emmanuel - God is with us. He's not going to leave. Through the good times and the bad times, God is here. I might not know what the future holds - but I know who holds the future. :-)

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