Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lots of Pictures

We've been so busy with Baby Michael that we haven't had time to update. So, here's a bunch of pictures.
New baby
Big Brother was occupied by his new present for a while.
Babba and Baby
The 3 Michaels - Michelle, Babba, and Michael
Mema and Baby
First bottle
"little" baby
Michelle, Michael, and Dillon
Sweet kisses for Baby Michael
Tapa and Baby
Dillon wanted to give Michael his paccy, but he was busy eating.
First outfit.
Next morning, we have a wide awake, alert baby.
Napping on Nana.
Big Brother likes holding Baby Michael. He likes giving kisses, too.
We told Dillon he had to be sure to hold Michael's head up.
Greg and Brandie came by to see Michael, and played with Dillon some.
Michael and Ronni
Sleepy Baby
Rachel and Michael
Proud Mama
(great great aunt) Nan and Michael

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