Sunday, December 5, 2010


Thanksgiving morning, I found a box of my toys that we hadn't opened yet.

I decided to climb in.

It was lots of fun.

The bear wanted to say, "Cheese!"

For lunch, we went to Nana's house. I stayed downstairs and watched movies.
After that, we went to Mimi's house. I ate some, and played with my cousin Elijah lots.

Daddy gave us both a bath.

That's Elijah's daddy holding both of us. I wanted Daddy to hold me, not to take pictures.

Elijah and I had fun rocking in Papa's rocking chair.

The next Sunday, after my nap, I got to put "ormaments" on the Christmas tree.

I found out you can't hang ormaments on ormaments.

After that, we went to Hot Springs Church and made things, then ate chili for supper, (or at least crackers) and then I played while Mama and Daddy went to Big Church.

Today, at Hot Springs Church, Mama and Daddy's Sunday School had a party for Baby Michael.

There was lots of food.

Somebody made cookies that looked like baby bottles!

Mama and Daddy got a lot of diapers for Baby Michael. They were almost as tall as Mama!

Tomorrow, Mama and Daddy are going to the doctor to see when Baby Michael will be born.

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