Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas for Two, Part Two

Sunday afternoon, we all went to Mimi's house for dinner and more presents.
Cousin Rachel rocking Michael in a rocking chair that has rocked more babies than can be counted.

Dillon wasted no time going to play with Elijah's toys.

Then, he led Elijah and Mema on a trek around the house searching for "the puppies" a la 101 Dalmatians.

This included lots of running up and down the halls. Mema got quite a work out.

Michael met yet another aunt, Aunt Ellen, from St. Louis.

Papa read a wonderful poem, written by one of his friends, about Baby Jesus.

Then, Tapa sang "Mary, Did You Know?"

After that, came presents! Dillon got lots of new toys, and Michael got some clothes and a few toys. Dillon's favorite toy was a foam sword cousin Stephen got him.

Cousin Claire, the youngest of Mimi's grandchildren, holds Michael, the youngest great-grandchild.

Cousin Joseph and Dillon play with one of Elijah's toys while he's busy with another.
Today, we went to Wal-Mart and bought Dillon some trains to go with his new set, a new coat, and some new "Buzz Lightyear" shoes with a gift card from Uncle Tom.
We all have had a wonderful Christmas!

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AG said...

The man who wrote the poem "Would you like to hold a baby?" is Gail Burton.
He can be seen reading the poem at along with me singing "Mary Did You Know".