Sunday, March 6, 2011

Afternoon at the Park

Michael took quick nap with Mama before bedtime for both, and Daddy thought it was a sweet picture.

Michael has been sleeping in his crib in his room for about a week now, and has seemed to like it. Daddy even had to wake him up today to get ready for church.
 After church and naps, we all went to the park. Daddy forgot his camera, so he had to go back home and get it.

Super Baby!

Dillon had fun playing on the playground. He climbed up, down, around, and all over it.

There was a rock section of it that he could climb down all by himself. He said he was "climbing down the beanstalk."

Almost there....

There were two playgrounds; the second was a little closer to his size. He climbed all over this one, too.

One last slide before time to go.

We had to run back to the car because there was a dragon chasing us.

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AG said...

Dragons now instead of puppies. What an imagination.