Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break Week

It was Spring Break for Daddy this week, which meant he got to help Mama when he would have been at school.
Tuesday after we all got home, we all played outside while Mama worked in the camp kitchen.
Dillon played with sticks and leaves.

Michael played in his bouncy seat.

more sticks, more leaves.
 Thursday night, Daddy made stir-fry. Daddy got some chopsticks to use, and Dillon said he wanted them.Our friend Ben took Dillon out to eat Chinese food one night several months ago, and evidently that chopstick lesson stuck.
Then, he showed us how he can use chopsticks.

Food got from the plate to his mouth, so that was pretty much a success.

After Michael's supper, he took a little nap on Mama.
 Saturday, after nap, we went to Mid America Science Museum.
There were buttons to push...

walls to push...

beams to stand on...

water pumps to pump...

And even a giant worm to crawl through!

Michael wasn't very excited about it, but he didn't complain until he got hungry.

They had a thing called a Tesla Coil. It made lightning shoot out at the cage around it. It also made a lot of noise. It was so loud, Michael stopped eating.

We had a really fun day!

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