Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Michael's Baptism

 This past Sunday, we went to "Little Rock Church" as Dillon calls it, so Michael could be baptized.

 The sanctuary was all dressed up for the Spring Break VBS. Their theme was "Noah's Saving Ark."
 Michael got to wear the same baptismal suit that his brother wore 3 years ago.
 Dillon got to help Miz Liz with the top of the font.
 Both boys were very good up in front of everybody.
 Michael didn't cry, just like his brother.
 Then, Dillon helped Miz Liz show Michael to everybody.
 Both boys were good at Children's Time, too. Dillon even said a part of the closing prayer.
 Picture time!
 Daddy's Family
Mamma's Family

Today, before they got dressed, Dillon wanted to hold Michael. Mama was just out of the picture.
They were both more interested in the movie (They were watching Up) than in smiling for Daddy.

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