Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pictures and such

Michael loves "tummy time"
but not for too long.
He likes mobiles and such that he can look up at. Even Ceiling fans will do.
Mama and Daddy had to go to Fayetteville so Mama could find some counselors for camp, so Dillon & Michael stayed with Mema and Tapa, and Mimi and Papa. They had lots of fun playing, and people came over just to see them.
When they came home Saturday night, it was the night of the "Super Moon." Before bedtime, we all went outside to look.
Daddy was nice and let Dillon take a picture. He may have bumped the camera a bit trying to look through it.
After everyone else had gone to bed, Daddy went back to get a better picture, without the trees in the way.
On Thursday, Tapa had to go to the hospital because of blood sugar problems. On Sunday he was feeling better, and he got to go to Mimi's house and see everyone, including Michael.
Daddy and Michael were having some tummy time, and Michael got really quiet. Maybe it's time for bed.

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