Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Highlights

The Wright house is very thankful to be feeling better.  Michael's highest temperature over the weekend has been 98.9.  Tomorrow he'll be going to daycare.  Over the weekend he got to play with Miss Debra and Miss Jessica while Mama and Miss Becky cooked lunch and did interviews.

When Nana and Babba came home, they brought bunches and bunches of clothes for both boys -- and a NEW double stroller!  Mama was the most excited, but both boys enjoyed the walk down to the TLC in it.
After going to the TLC and helping Mama put up tables/chairs, Nana and Babba took us to Purple Cow for dinner!  After offering Sprite and lemonade, Dillon chose a purple milkshake.  We joked it was as big as him.
This morning we woke up and saw 8 turkeys in our front yard!  When Miss Jessica left to go to church, she scared them away.  The joys of living out where we do! :-)
This weekend, Michael has been happier naked.  He fussed some yesterday and today and all we had to do was make him naked, and he was happy, happy, happy.  Maybe we have a little streaker on our hands? :-)

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