Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Michael's Baptism

 This past Sunday, we went to "Little Rock Church" as Dillon calls it, so Michael could be baptized.

 The sanctuary was all dressed up for the Spring Break VBS. Their theme was "Noah's Saving Ark."
 Michael got to wear the same baptismal suit that his brother wore 3 years ago.
 Dillon got to help Miz Liz with the top of the font.
 Both boys were very good up in front of everybody.
 Michael didn't cry, just like his brother.
 Then, Dillon helped Miz Liz show Michael to everybody.
 Both boys were good at Children's Time, too. Dillon even said a part of the closing prayer.
 Picture time!
 Daddy's Family
Mamma's Family

Today, before they got dressed, Dillon wanted to hold Michael. Mama was just out of the picture.
They were both more interested in the movie (They were watching Up) than in smiling for Daddy.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break Week

It was Spring Break for Daddy this week, which meant he got to help Mama when he would have been at school.
Tuesday after we all got home, we all played outside while Mama worked in the camp kitchen.
Dillon played with sticks and leaves.

Michael played in his bouncy seat.

more sticks, more leaves.
 Thursday night, Daddy made stir-fry. Daddy got some chopsticks to use, and Dillon said he wanted them.Our friend Ben took Dillon out to eat Chinese food one night several months ago, and evidently that chopstick lesson stuck.
Then, he showed us how he can use chopsticks.

Food got from the plate to his mouth, so that was pretty much a success.

After Michael's supper, he took a little nap on Mama.
 Saturday, after nap, we went to Mid America Science Museum.
There were buttons to push...

walls to push...

beams to stand on...

water pumps to pump...

And even a giant worm to crawl through!

Michael wasn't very excited about it, but he didn't complain until he got hungry.

They had a thing called a Tesla Coil. It made lightning shoot out at the cage around it. It also made a lot of noise. It was so loud, Michael stopped eating.

We had a really fun day!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pictures and such

Michael loves "tummy time"
but not for too long.
He likes mobiles and such that he can look up at. Even Ceiling fans will do.
Mama and Daddy had to go to Fayetteville so Mama could find some counselors for camp, so Dillon & Michael stayed with Mema and Tapa, and Mimi and Papa. They had lots of fun playing, and people came over just to see them.
When they came home Saturday night, it was the night of the "Super Moon." Before bedtime, we all went outside to look.
Daddy was nice and let Dillon take a picture. He may have bumped the camera a bit trying to look through it.
After everyone else had gone to bed, Daddy went back to get a better picture, without the trees in the way.
On Thursday, Tapa had to go to the hospital because of blood sugar problems. On Sunday he was feeling better, and he got to go to Mimi's house and see everyone, including Michael.
Daddy and Michael were having some tummy time, and Michael got really quiet. Maybe it's time for bed.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Highlights

The Wright house is very thankful to be feeling better.  Michael's highest temperature over the weekend has been 98.9.  Tomorrow he'll be going to daycare.  Over the weekend he got to play with Miss Debra and Miss Jessica while Mama and Miss Becky cooked lunch and did interviews.

When Nana and Babba came home, they brought bunches and bunches of clothes for both boys -- and a NEW double stroller!  Mama was the most excited, but both boys enjoyed the walk down to the TLC in it.
After going to the TLC and helping Mama put up tables/chairs, Nana and Babba took us to Purple Cow for dinner!  After offering Sprite and lemonade, Dillon chose a purple milkshake.  We joked it was as big as him.
This morning we woke up and saw 8 turkeys in our front yard!  When Miss Jessica left to go to church, she scared them away.  The joys of living out where we do! :-)
This weekend, Michael has been happier naked.  He fussed some yesterday and today and all we had to do was make him naked, and he was happy, happy, happy.  Maybe we have a little streaker on our hands? :-)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sick boy

Little Brother went to the doctor today for his late two-month shots, but he had a fever, so no shots. Instead, he got his nose and throat swabbed, and what seemed to Daddy like way too much of his blood drawn. After getting lost in the computer system, the doctor came back in and said Lil didn't have strep, but he had the Flu. Since he's so young, he can't get Tamiflu(R) or anything, so it's just Tylenol(R) and sleep.

Sleepy sick baby.
In the meantime, Big Brother's at Nana and Babba's house since Daddy has to work tomorrow.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Afternoon at the Park

Michael took quick nap with Mama before bedtime for both, and Daddy thought it was a sweet picture.

Michael has been sleeping in his crib in his room for about a week now, and has seemed to like it. Daddy even had to wake him up today to get ready for church.
 After church and naps, we all went to the park. Daddy forgot his camera, so he had to go back home and get it.

Super Baby!

Dillon had fun playing on the playground. He climbed up, down, around, and all over it.

There was a rock section of it that he could climb down all by himself. He said he was "climbing down the beanstalk."

Almost there....

There were two playgrounds; the second was a little closer to his size. He climbed all over this one, too.

One last slide before time to go.

We had to run back to the car because there was a dragon chasing us.